Welcome to Foliage Academy, Abuja

Foliage Academy Visit to Magic land Amusement Park

Magic land Abuja, formerly known as Wonderland which was founded in 2011, in Abuja and by extension Nigeria’s very own Disneyland. It is the first and biggest amusement park in the whole Nigeria. It is situated in the heart of Nigeria, just a few minutes drive from the city centre.


On the 27th of May, 2021, a day set aside to celebrate children, the boarding transformers of Foliage Academy Abuja visited this amazing national park chaperoned by loving and resourceful teachers.


On arrival in the park at about 11am, an entrance fee was paid for each student and teacher. The students went on a sight –seeing spree before making decisions on what games and rides to embark on.

Zuhr time soon rolled in, amidst the fun and games, students and teacher headed towards the park’s mosque. Numerous pictures and videos were taken to capture blissful memories, after which we headed to Mr. Biggs ( Lugbe) for a quick ice cream.

We arrived back to the school compound before Asr prayer.

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