Welcome to Foliage Academy, Abuja


On Tuesday the 15th of June 2021, the pupils of Foliage Academy Abuja went on field trip to National Children’s Park and Zoo. It was an exciting adventure.

Our visit to the zoo sparked curiosity in the children. As soon as we entered, their eyes widened and their wheels started turning. “Ustaz can I see that animal?” “Ustaz where does that animal come from?” “Ustaz can I take that one home?” Kids are innately curious which allows them to learn and take in their environment. Zoos encourage curiosity which encourage learning and brain development.

What I love most about the zoo, is that it allowed children to explore their environment and make new discoveries. This led to cognitive, language, motor and academic growth. While exploring the zoo, our pupils went on a wild adventure full of running around, asking questions and engaging in storytelling. These activities are key for healthy development! Exploring their environment also helps children become more self-aware. They learnt what animals they like and don’t like. They also learnt to move past their fears and trepidation about certain animals, reptiles and bugs.

For many children the best way to learn is by doing and feeling. The zoo offered petting and feeding areas which allowed the children to truly immerse themselves in the animals’ lives. The horses offered amazing touching and petting time. It was an experience the kids will not forget!


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