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We are currently accepting application for Creche, Rawdah (Nursery), Year 1-5 (Primary), Year 7-8 (Junior Secondary).

Apply in School/Online

Apply for admission by obtaining the form at the school's admin office, fill in the information, and return it to the school. To do this, You can visit the school premises to purchase a form. Nursery Forms - N5000 Primary Forms - N5000 Secondary Forms - N10000

Entrance Examination & Interview

Following receipt of your application form, your child will be invited to sit for an entrance examination, follow by oral interview

Offer Placement & Enrollment

Successful candidate/parent will be notified (Kindly note that if a child fails we cannot admit them into the school, in special cases the child might be recommended for a lower class grade). We will then give you all the required documentation for the school enrolment procedures. Upon payment of all school fees (Including uniform and books), your child can resume at the school.

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